Terry Tyldesley speaking on a panel about the music industry at Co-operative Congress

Music and tech panel at IKLECTIK 30/8/22

I’m pleased to be joining Sean Hurley, Connor Hurley, and Robin Lockhart at IKLECTIK Art Lab in London on 30th August, for the third of the IKLECTIK TALKS series, focusing on music, art and new technology.

Titled ‘Giving Voice To The Unheard’, we’ll explore technology in relation to the arts and community building, and look at how advancements have assisted those who traditionally have had difficulty in communicating or telling their stories.

For many, social and economical issues have led to a lack of opportunities, yet over the last few decades technology has advanced whilst costs have decreased, and communities have sprung up helping to create ecosystems based upon mutual help and encouragement.

Tickets are £6 and available now.