Terry Tyldesley speaking on a panel about the music industry at Co-operative Congress

Hosting Co-operatives UK arts/culture webinar

I’ll be speaking at, and also hosting, an arts and culture webinar from Co-operatives UK on Thursday 2nd February.

The free lunchtime event, with Q&A, is a chance to hear about co-ops within the arts and cultural sector that are making a difference, creating opportunity and enabling individuals and organisations within the sector to flourish.  

It features Matthew Otridge one of the founders of grassroots music venue Exchange in Bristol, and Pat O’Shea a member of The Ultimate Picture Palace (UPP), a community-owned cinema in Oxford.

It’s one of a series of webinars brought to you by Co‑operatives UK in partnership with The Co‑operative Bank as part of The Hive programme which supports new and existing co‑ops.

The webinar is at 1pm on 2nd February, and you can find more info and tickets at Co-operatives UK.

Poster for Co-operatives Uk event 'Empowering Arts and Culture'