Terry Tyldesley speaking on a panel about the music industry at Co-operative Congress

Co-op Congress panel on the music industry

Co-op Congress

It was great to be part of a major discussion on fair play in the music industry, at Co-operatives UK’s Co-op Congress in Birmingham.

We looked at current issues in the industry including exploitation, contracts, inclusivity, and problems with streaming royalties. Then at new initiatives and platforms to help solve these problems, including ethical music streaming co-op Resonate, and a new co-operative record label Juste Entertainment.

The panel was moderated by music journalist Paul Stokes, and was made up of David Martin CEO Featured Artists Coalition, Colin Young founder of music industry accountants C C Young & Co Ltd, myself, Tom Gray Chair of the Ivors Academy #BrokenRecord campaign founder and member of Gomez, Lord Victor Adebowale Chair of UD and Social Enterprise UK, Paul Pacifico CEO of AIM UK associate professor at Berklee Valencia and artist, Sarah Pearson, founder of Wasted Youth Music and Juste Entertainment.

There’s a full report on the music industry panel at Co-op News.

Co-op Congress