Terry Tyldesley speaking on a panel about the music industry at Co-operative Congress

Interview on AI in music for Roland

Artificial Intelligence is currently such a big theme and it was great to be interviewed by Roland Global for this feature on

BRIT Awards Voting Academy Member 2024

I am delighted to have been invited to join The BRIT Awards Voting Academy again, for the 2024 honours. I was able to vote

Masterclass featured in the Break music guide

Photos by @efraims.daughter I’m delighted that my Masterclass in Music, Technology, Creativity and Entrepreneurship feat

BBC News Interview on AI in Music

I was delighted to be invited on to BBC News, to talk about AI in Music to a global audience. Presenter Matthew Amroliwala ask

Music Producers Guild Awards 2023

It was great to join the Music Producers Guild Awards team on the event night, to help with the Awards, the Presenters and the

Music Producers Guild Spotlight

I was honoured to be invited by the Music Producers Guild to be one of the producers highlighted for International Women’

Hosting Co-operatives UK arts/culture webinar

I’ll be speaking at, and also hosting, an arts and culture webinar from Co-operatives UK on Thursday 2nd February. The f

BRIT Awards Voting Academy Member 2023

It’s a great honour to be invited to join The BRIT Awards Voting Academy for 2023. This means voting for artists in all

Kyub Programme Mentor / Speaker

I’m very pleased to be a Mentor / Speaker on the KYUB Innovative Sonic Culture programme for Ukrainian artists, that is

Co-op Congress panel on the music industry

It was great to be part of a major discussion on fair play in the music industry, at Co-operatives UK’s Co-op Congress i